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 Thank a Paramedic  
 It all happened so fast. You called, they came, they helped and then they were gone. You didn’t get a chance to say thanks. Now you can show your appreciation by sending them a thank you note. Our paramedics train hard and work tirelessly in order to get you the care you need, when you need it most. Once you complete the form below, your kind words will be forwarded directly to the paramedics that assisted on your call. Saying 'thank you' means so much.  

Please enter the date that the paramedics assisted you (yyyy/mm/dd)
Please enter your first and last name. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may leave this field blank.
Please enter the approximate time of day that the paramedics arrived to assist you.
Please enter the location of the call (Windsor/Essex/Leamington/LaSalle/Tecumseh/Amherstburg/Lakeshore/Kingsville/Pelee Island)
We will not share your email address. If you would like confirmation that the paramedics have received your thank you, please provide a valid email address.
  *If you want your note to be sent to the paramedics who helped you, please provide as much detail about your incident as possible, such as time, date and location, so we know who to thank. These details will not be disclosed publicly.
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